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Friday, January 10, 2014

Rockefeller and Trail Dog Chicken Curry

The first American worth more than one billion dollars would appreciate the "Best Soup of 2014." In fact, he'd probably sell it and increase his net worth.

The characteristics of an entrepreneur and those of a chef creating an eclectic, delectable new dish really are quite similar. If Mr. Rockefeller were here, he'd tell you. Never mind that his father was a con man who had extramarital affairs, nor that his father's idea of raising a son was to "cheat him every chance he got..that'll make 'em sharp."

In fact, the richest man in history probably became that way because of the way he was raised. He was a risk-taker, a man who understood how to put the right combinations together to create success, and the number one rule for entrepreneurs..."Do what you enjoy."