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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Would You Eat?

I passed by some serious doom and gloom billboards a while back, they were shrieking at all freeway drivers, reminding us all that the end of the world was on its way any day now.

Shortly after their predicted doomsday date came and went with no apocalypse on the horizon, the billboards had a new message: "Whoops!" they admitted,"our calculations were wrong. It's actually in a few months..."

I wonder if these same people can remember what time their dinner reservations are. Or when to pick up their kids from soccer practice. There are some details about things which really ought to be at the forefront of the mind.

Pretty sure getting the date right for all of humanity ceasing to exist is one of them.

Well, evidently our cloudy minded friends are really, really sure that tomorrow is It. It's all over. I wonder if these all-knowing naysayers did their homework? Because if they HAD done their homework, they would recognize that the future-predicting rock in the Mayan museum does not actually have much in common with the Hallmark puppy calendars we hang on our kitchen corkboards.